Property Developer's Conference 2018

4th October 2018

See you at International Convention Centre Sydney


We are a dynamic force in the Chinese cultural and business landscape of Australia.

China Australia Free Trade Agreement Signage Day (17/11/2014)

Promoting Australia-China business and cultural relations.

Our highly energetic events team, Wiserich Events, organises and sponsors numerous business and cultural events that seek to enhance Australia-China business and cultural relations. These events have included business events such as the annual Australia China Business Week and Australian Qipao Business Week. These well established and promoted events are eagerly attended by Australia's political elite and business leader.

Event attendees benefit by gaining essential insights from the high quality of information delivered by the event speakers, networking with their peers and connecting to Chinese and Australian producers, manufacturers and retailers.

Business conferences Nurturing successful business.

The conferences organised by Wiserich Events are attended by Australian and Chinese international business and political leaders. They focus on:

  • attracting inbound investment from China into Australian companies;
  • leveraging government support;
  • assisting Australian businesses to develop or refine their China strategies;
  • allowing local Chinese nationals to understand the Australian business and investment landscape.
Discussion panels Gain essential insights.

Wiserich Events has organised many discussion panels on hot topics such as cryptocurrencies; high speed rail; property investment; tourism; hospitality; Australian exports to China etc.

Such events have been attended by industry and political leaders as keynote speakers. 

Cultural events We are defined by our culture.

Wiserich Events has promoted and/or sponsored many cultural events in Australia. Events have included highly popular Chinese folk dancing and performances, Miss China beauty pageants, comedy shows and talk shows with well-known international keynote speakers. These events aim for the Chinese community of Australia to remain connected to the mainland as well as expose Australian nationals to popular Chinese culture.